Salumi Charcuterie Fermentation Cabinets

Very impressed by Julie Croker of Angel Refrigeration and her new Salumi, Charcuterie, Fermentation cabinets designed for ageing, curing, drying, maturing and fermentation. Programs allow for controlled humidity, temperature and air exchange producing safe, hygienic high quality home cured meats, cheeses and plenty more. The best chefs in London are all over these techniques at […]

Chef crisis: top restaurants struggle to find reliable chefs

This isn’t new but represents a gradual decline in the primary work force in the industry fuelled by long hours, poor pay and conditions, abuse of staff tips etc and a basic qualification that does not meet industry requirements. Some employers are now offering a better work/life balance. Still not as good as a tube […]

The Chef Shortage, College Funding & the Industry

There have been lots in the industry press recently about the chronic shortage of skilled chefs. The training facilities available and how they prepare students to work in the industry are not up to the mark. Catering is often a second choice for school leavers and FE enrolment normally rises in years where school leavers […]