Venison-The Game Larder

Having just finished bleating on about how cookery books aint wot they used to be someone comes along with a bloody stonker!!

The Game LarderVenison, The Game Larder, by Jose Souto and Steve Lee is a massive body of work and a fascinating journey into one man’s obsession with wild food and countryside management captured and beautifully brought to life by another man’s photographs.

Jose is a well-respected chef and lecturer at Westminster Kingsway college in London. The flagship catering college in the country for as long as I can remember standing head and shoulders above the rest. I first met Jose at one of his game seminars at Westminster about 8 years ago . Attended by chefs, foodies, the press and other colleges this was and still is the best one-day game event for chefs anywhere. Jose always has the full range, and I mean THE FULL RANGE, of indigenous game on display, in depth knowledge on everything form the feeding habits of the Snipe to the Red Deer Rut in the Cairngorms. Vincent Rooms

The day includes an excellent lunch in the Vincent rooms cooked by the students and finishes with a comprehensive butchery master class breaking down an entire carcass of venison into dozens of different cuts. His obsession with game, ability with a gun and love of the countryside and falconry are reflected in his work as a chef and Steve has captured all this brilliantly for you to share.

Steve Lee is a professional food driven photographer creating stunning stylish contemporary images of food, drink and people, mainly in the studio I guess. Creeping about on all fours following Jose on a 4.00am winter stalk in the highlands must have been a bit of a shock but without him this book just wouldn’t work. Wild life shots that bring the countryside to life, articulate images of cuts of meat that really help understand the butchery involved.

Great portraits of the team in the field, and pub, and recipe shots that don’t make you feel you have failed miserably when you decide to make one of Jose’s dishes.

The recipes are both traditional and up to date, smoking and curing, venison pastrami, air-dried hams, black pudding, kebabs, pulled shank, hot pot. There is a good selection of recipes from other chefs Tom Kerridge, Phil Vickery Brett Graham, Jun Tanaka and a lovely section with contributions from ex Westminster students too.

Jose & SteveAlthough Jose and Lee have spent 8 years, field and kitchen, creating this book it was well worth the wait and I take back everything I said about modern cookery books not being fit for purpose.


Just go out and get a copy!

Venison, The Game Larder is published by Merlin Unwin Books

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