Move Over Maschler

Influential big name journalists dominate the Sunday supplements and PR companies whoooooosh them through to the best tables, chefs tasting menu, house cocktails and pre desserts doing what ever it takes to ensure a good review.

Top of the pile, and quite rightly so, is Fay Maschler, who reviewed me at Keats in Hampstead in 1984 and is still working hard today. Marina O’Loughlin, Jay Rayner, Giles Coren and A.A Gill all carry plenty of clout and just like Anton Ego imagescan make or break a restaurant with a sweep of their pen. Superfast broadband and social media have opened the doors to anyone with Wifi and a side order of savvy to have a go and the information superhighway is now clogged with bloggers and vloggers keen to get a piece of the action. Look a little deeper and there are plenty of enthusiastic and capable wannabe journalists and bloggers clawing their way to the top.

3 already having an impact are:

Cuisine Genie/Michel Roux Jnr


Cuisine Genie- A chef by trade (Dairy Clapham) and a writer by compulsion. The Genie has a regular column in the Evening Standard , writes a blog and recently interviewed Michel Roux Jnr for the Independent

(photo courtesy of Sky Moore Clube) 

She has hands on industry experience and understands food as both a crazy Irish chef and hungry diner. She cooks and writes with pluck and lashings of blarney. She’s great for neighbourhood joints rather than the Ritz or Sexy Fish and her lunch box recipes are pretty much on the money. Until the Genie is being whoooooshed to the very best tables you can catch up on all her work at or follow her Twitter @cuisine_genie

Clerkenwell boy


Clerkenwell Boy aka Tim is a very busy  thirtysomething Australian foodie eating all over town and best known for his image led campaign. Photos show it as it is and you usually only get a couple of lines of text but that doesn’t put people off and he boasts 117,000 followers on Instagram. He is very up to date with all the new openings so must already enjoy a certain Whoooosh factor to get a table. Regular columns in Time Out, Evening Standard, Guardian Food, Observer Magazine means he is already quietly reaching for the stars.

Who is Clerkenwell Boy? Find out here

Most comprehensive and professional is Kang Leongs London Eater. Kang LeongThis is a full on and very impressive restaurant blog, high quality photos and full descriptions including prices, he makes you want to follow him about. He has eaten just about everywhere and his site is really easy to navigate and fun too. He must spend all his time eating out and typing up reviews. Better than Time Out restaurant guide and the A.A.  to boot