Atkins…Paleo…South Beach…oh yeah Joe Wicks!

Atkins…Paleo…South Beach…oh yeah Joe Wicks!

Tis now the season of the diet and they are big business.J Wicks Wicksy, front page tabloid stuff & waffle board stomach, is 90 days subscription, yes 90 days. Some slimmers spend years on Weightwatchers making themselves miserable and still cough up every month.


We all overdid it at Christmas…you have to… so January always means diet. It is part punishment, part penance. Each year sees a craze of new wonder diets and fads most seem more focused on relieving you of pounds sterling than imperial.

atkinsDiets are difficult to stick to because they are often too complicated, too long, expensive, no fun and because we are all different a lot of them just don’t work.

I have got my own diet that I do twice a year, it is easy and has always worked for me, not just for weight loss but to freshen up and detox too. I call it The Chef Foundation diet. It’s not about eating less, your body needs fuel, It’s not about about suppressing desire cos we all enjoy treats. Its about cutting out a lot of the crap we all eat with an easy and straightforward formula.

The Chef Foundation diet is a short term life style change best adopted for a set period, I recommend a calendar month, this is long enough for your system to purge and change but not too long that the end is never in sight and manageable for most people. I like to start on the 1st of the month and run through. I am on it now.

The rules are simple. No animal fat and no wheat.

Apart from that you can eat and drink what you like. This does not have to be a vegetarian month. If you crave or miss animal protein then chicken breast (no skin) or white fish best poached, steamed or chargrilled can all be eaten. The secret is your mindset which is why a month helps too. By day 3 I am usually on it and the closer the end of the month gets the easier it becomes. Personally I never weigh myself. I know if I am losing weight from the way my clothes fit. When the month is over I feel better, have always lost some weight and have changed the way I look at my food intake. Our western diet is so wheat and additive driven and this causes lots of issues, food intolerance, bowel disorders, cancers etc.

The key for me is plenty of fresh fruit. I always have a big bowl of fruit salad in the fridge, I like acid and aqueous fruits, Grapefruit, orange, apples, melon, pineapple etc but you can add what you like. I eat this for breakfast and to snack on during the day. Evening meal I will have roast vegetables (great hot or cold), rice dishes, soups, salads, there’s loads of choice…sounds dull…not at all. I prepare in bulk and meal times become easy. I then add some fish or other protein when I fancy it. Tart things up with your own homemade dips, salsa, white bean hummus, aubergine and miso, guacamole, easy chutney. Add crunch with seeds and nuts or toasted pearl barley. Bulk up with sticky rice, wheat free granola on your breakfast, so much choice…

If you are going out for an evening meal try to stick to the rules. So don’t order deep pan pizza with extra cheese and chorizo. There are nearly always sensible options available. Reduce your use of salt and sugar and notice how your palate and taste buds wake up.


  • Prepare things in bulk so that you have food for a couple of days.
  • Review your shopping habits
  • Buy organic
  • Get your partner to join in
  • Don’t be sanctimonious
  • Enjoy the month
  • Don’t weigh yourself every 10 minutes.

This is not just about losing weight it is about rebalancing your body dynamics.

Some recipes and meal plans will follow over the next few days to help you get started.

Come on give it a go.