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food for the soul… is a quality driven food blog with attitude .

Created by the artistic wing of The Chef Foundation, food for the soul  is all about great food, innovative chefs, the latest pop up venues,  new openings, the best cafes and bars, seasonal ingredients, awesome wine, food provenance,  where to eat, recipes,  diet plans, podcasts and anything else connected with the world of food………….this may occasionally include a bit of politics, school meals, fairtrade, imports, food production, industry standards and anything else I can’t leave alone.

food for the soul is also a creative….innovative…and nourishing food concept that you can enjoy at a private party in your own home or at one of our supper club evenings. Click here to find out more.


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Private Dining

Creative, Affordable, Stress Free & Personal

High Angle View of Silver Knife and Fork Tied with String and Blank Tag on White Napkin with Fringed Edges on Rustic Wooden Table with Copy Space

The Chef Foundation and Food for the Soul now offer a private dining service bringing contemporary fine dining into your own home. Professional chefs, your choice of dishes in your kitchen at affordable prices.

Formal dinner parties, buffets, BBQ’s, receptions,  get-togethers, birthday parties etc. This also includes private cookery classes on a one to one basis or for a small group. Click here to see some of our recent menus

Chefs cook in your kitchen, will help serve and clear and leave everything clean & tidy.

You simply

  • Plan your menu with the chef.
  • Shop for ingredients (we can help with this too)
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Charges are at a standard hourly rate with no extras.
  • Experienced no-nonsense wine pairing and party advice also on tap.

To find out more please complete the short form below and we will be in touch.

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Private Dining Menus

Some Recent Menus



Scallops, Cumin, Parsnip & Apple Matchsticks

Asparagus, Radish, Buttermilk & Toasted Rye

 Wild Mushroom, Fruit, Soil & Foam

 Vitamin E & Zinc

 Warm Ham Hock, Sweetcorn Smoothee, Mustard Popcorn

 Candy Beetroot, Goats Cheese Snow, Oat Flakes & Mit-Cuit Salmon

 * * * * *


 Vanilla Bream, Pea & Parsley Root

 Hake, Cockle Weed & Sea Emulsion

 Seared Halibut, Truffle & Porcini, Celeriac Puree

 Belly of Pork, Sharp Apple, Chickpea Mash, Shredded Brussels Sprouts Fennel & Garlic

 Oolong Hills Duck, Clementine & Sweet Potato

 Crispy Chicken, White Bean & Kale

 Cod, Quinoa, Watercress & Chorizo

 * * * * *

 Marjolaine, Mocha, Milk Ice-cream,

 Agen, Cep & Bellucci Chocolate Shot

 Sambucca Fool, Granola Crumble, Pepper Twists

 Bitter Chocolate, Shiraz and Almond Tuile

 Lemon Textures, Fennel Granita & Balsamic Pearls

 Burnt Peach & Cherry, Lychees Parfait

 Mushroom Truffles