Emergency Chefs- Channel 4 New Series

Calling all Relief Chefs.

The Chef Foundation has been asked to help source candidates for a new TV series for Channel 4 tracking the day to day work of relief chefs .

Details from Double Act Productions below

Double Act image

Double Act Productions are currently working on a new, primetime food show for Channel 4 that moves away from the traditional competition based programs to a more authentic documentary series that goes behind the scenes of Britain’s restaurants to reveal what it takes to produce food to a high standard.

The hospitality industry’s meteoric growth has led to a booming ‘relief chef business’ that supplies quality chefs to busy restaurants up and down the UK. The series will showcase how modern chefs must now be prepared to enter any type of kitchen, often take on menus never seen before and create top quality meals.

The series will focus on relief head chefs who are called in at short term to help resolve kitchen emergencies. Viewers will follow the same cast of charismatic chefs in each episode and witness them take on a variety of different culinary challenges.

The Chef Foundation has previously sourced chefs for Masterchef-The Professionals, The Restaurant & Iron Chef

If you are interested in being a part of this then please contact Mike Davis by e-mail Double Act Logo

 mike@doubleact.tv …..


…….and be sure to mention The Chef Foundation


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