Chef Foundation Stagieres

There has been lots in the press recently about the chronic shortage of chefs, the demise of the apprenticeship scheme and the steady decline of the NVQ qualification. The Chef Foundation has been encouraging its London clients to offer placements to Stagieres not as a temporary source of free labour but as a way of contributing to the training and development of entry level chefs many of whom leave college with little industry experience and poor basic kitchen skills. Hopefully some will be offered permanent jobs but this is really about generating a feed of opportunities and creating a network and mindset to help chefs upskill.

I am very pleased to report that the Chef Foundation has now successfully placed its first Stagiere on the scheme. IMG_2969Adam Hall  is doing a week’s Stage at Paradise Garage in Bethnal Green. Adam has taken a week off (as holiday) from his full time job as a Junior Sous Chef & Baker in Gloucestershire to travel up to London and work at Paradise Garage. The latest opening from Robin & Sarah Gill with Simon Woodrow heading up the kitchen, Paradise Garage is serving some of the best, innovative seasonal food in town……great cocktails too!

Hopefully other restaurants will start to see the benefits of this scheme and be encouraged to offer similar opportunities in their kitchens.

Congratulations to Adam Hall & a big THANK YOU to Paradise Garage and Robin Gill.

If you would like to offer a Stage opportunity or find out more about this scheme please email


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